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Irreversibly Vegan

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The Simplest Path to the Greatest Good
How to Effortlessly Go Vegan and Stay Vegan for Life

This easy to read guide makes staying a healthy, ethical vegan for life as straight-forward as something this important deserves to be.

Includes eBook format (.ePub), Kindle format (.mobi) and PDF files
85,000 words.

10% of Net Proceeds Go To The Most Effective Animal Charity of 2019

There are lots of resources for going vegan, but they usually neglect how to stay vegan for life, which is equally as important.

Irreversibly Vegan is a powerful e-book that includes everything you need to transition to veganism permanently and never look back.

Inside You'll Discover...
Why some people who go vegan don't stay vegan... exactly what they did wrong... still are doing wrong... how not to become one of them.

How to easily and affordably eat a delicious and nutritionally balanced vegan diet for less than the price of a coffee each day.

Exactly why the "standard western diet" is so unhealthy, and why a vegan diet can be the healthiest diet on earth - with all the unbiased science to back it up.

detailed understanding of the "Three Pillars of Veganism" that will supercharge your efforts to live a compassionate lifestyle forever.

The beautifully simple and logically irrefutable ethical argument for the moral treatment of animals laid out as straightforward as it can be.

Factually accurate, concise and coherent responses to all the common questions about veganism you are bound to get from friends and family.

How to overcome the biggest challenges, prevent self-sabotage and easily glide over unseen hurdles to live confidently as a committed vegan for life.

How to remain unaffected by social pressure in any situation that might make it easy for you to slip up.

Discover the keys to lasting change with simple tried and tested universal psychological principles.
Solidify your willpower to resist temptation and make your vegan lifestyle truly effortless for life.

Plan to succeed with all the resources you’ll ever need to make a successful permanent transition to veganism.

How to easily maintain veganism for the long term, while learning so much, both about yourself and the world, along the way.

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Irreversibly Vegan makes crystal clear how to GO and STAY vegan forever - with maximum ease.

Do not read this book unless you want to live as an unshakable vegan for life, and...

➡ Feel amazing as a result of having the commitment to live in alignment with a value we all share: that it is wrong to cause unnecessary harm to animals. 🐷

➡ Gain strength or continue your athletic pursuits uninterrupted without the need for harmful animal protein. 🏋️‍♀️

➡ How to eat a completely nutritionally balanced vegan diet for only 3 USD per day. 💰

➡ Remain unaffected by the social pressure you are bound to encounter being an "early adopter" of veganism. 😎

➡ Learn how to stay vegan even while travelling to countries you don't speak the local language. ✈️

➡ Wave goodbye to cheese and meat cravings forever 👋 and...

➡ Live your life peacefully and confidently by putting an end to any whispering doubts once and for all. 🧘‍♂️

Discover the Facts You Deserve To Know

Veganism is getting more and more popular all the time.

As this data from Google for the last 10 years makes perfectly clear...

There are multiple reasons people want to be vegan, but...

Staying vegan involves the same things for everyone.

This book is for people who want to transition to healthy, ethical and sustainable veganism in the most efficient and effective way possible - and stay there forever.

If you have already made up your mind to go vegan, you probably did it for one of these reasons:
You no longer want to support the slaughter of more than 56 billion animals every year for food.
This unfathomably large amount of suffering is so unnecessary in todays world that it is beyond just being unethical to support in any way.

The animals experience immense pain and suffering from the cruel practices inherent in breeding, raising and slaughtering them for food production, and in today's world it is completely nutritionally unnecessary to eat them.
You’ve decided to be vegan because of the established health benefits of a plant based diet.
The rates of heart disease, cancers, stroke, hypertension, arthritis, cataracts, obesity, diabetes and even more chronic and degenerative illnesses are all much higher among meat-eaters than those on the correct type of plant based diet.

It's also very common to lose excess body weight and enjoy life with higher energy levels. All the irrefutable, published, peer reviewed science is included in the book.
You’re switching because of the extremely damaging effects animal agriculture has on the environment.
There is an intolerable abuse on nature that's happening all over the world as a direct and unavoidable result of all types of animal agriculture…

Raising animals for food is the largest consumer of fresh water, it makes up to 51% of all greenhouse gas emissions and is responsible for more rain forest destruction than anything else, to name just a few reasons.
Perhaps you are aware of all of these perfectly logical and incredibly important reasons to make the change to a vegan lifestyle...

But you can see yourself having trouble sticking to the lifestyle - just like the people the news media loves telling us about...

Or maybe you're already having trouble...

If that sounds like you, then Irreversibly Vegan is the answer you've been looking for.

When you get your copy today you will also...

Learn 4 Simple "Habit Hacks" to Quickly Change Your Behaviour Patterns and Make Going and Staying Vegan As Easy As Possible

Because the truth is...

You can have all the good intentions in the world, but if you aren’t successful at implementing them... they’re not much use to anyone.

The world is full of mostly good people who want to do good things for themselves and those they care about.

But at this point in history going vegan can seem so "alien" that doing the right thing and not supporting the unnecessary slaughter of billions of animals every year is often left as an unfulfilled fantasy in a lot of peoples heads.

But don't worry – this shouldn't need to be a struggle.

I’ve accurately identified the techniques used – either consciously or unconsciously – by every successful, fully committed vegan ever.

The simple tips and techniques I share in this book are the things that people have been using to live cruelty free for decades - most people are just not aware they are doing them because, to some people, they come naturally.

I am not one of those people, which is just one reason why I am able to clearly see what these attributes are, and teach you how to make use of them, just as I have.

It’s not an easy thing for some people to break habits you’ve formed over your entire lifetime…

No matter what area of your life these fall into, breaking long-term habits can take a lot of time and effort - unless you have a specific and powerful strategy to help you easily sail through the difficulties and know what to expect in advance. Because the truth is...

Being vegan in itself is NOT really difficult... but being vegan in a world where less than 5% of the people are also vegan CAN be difficult.

This is obvious from the amount of "ex-vegans" who go into it for their ethical beliefs or for the health benefits then do something wrong and end up bitter, confused and supporting animal cruelty again while still saying they "care about animals..."

So here I reveal a simple strategy that is proven to work with piles of scientific research that lays down an easy road map for anyone to follow in order to stay effortlessly vegan for life.

This approach is already being used by thousands of committed vegans all over the world… they just don’t all know they're using it...

There’s a reason why so many people are great at going vegan for a short period of time, but after a few months they give up and revert back to their old unethical ways.

It’s because you have to rewire your thinking on a deep level in order to overcome our powerful cultural conditioning over the long term. Sometimes this happens automatically, but to a lot of people it doesn't.

This might sound like a complicated process, but we already do these natural processes automatically every day, they just happen subconsciously. The key is to do them consciously, and with intent in order to use them for your chosen benefit.

And although the health benefits of veganism are well established and have been proven many times, a "vegan diet" can be problematic in the long term when not done right.

So... It’s important for yourself - and for the animals - to be sure you have the right outlook and that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs.

Which is actually very simple - once you know what's going on - and if more people were already vegan, more people would already know this stuff.

One day I'm sure it will be common knowledge - but today the meat, dairy and egg industries are doing everything they can to misinform the public about the dangers of eating animals and things that come out of their bodies.

The good news is that the science already exists that shows a vegan diet is perfectly suitable for people of any activity level in the short term and the long run, and all you need is a comprehensive collection of this information like you get in Irreversibly Vegan.

This is important to get right from the beginning because eating wrong can cause you to go back to supporting animal cruelty and leave you thinking that "veganism is not sustainable for me..." when really you were just fuelling your body improperly.

If you’ve tried going vegan before then you’ll know that it’s NOT just yourself you have to work with...

You constantly feel like you have to "defend" or explain your choices to friends, family and society at large...

This "social element" can be a huge factor in undermining your long term success

Unless, of course, you have a toolkit full of mechanisms that will have you staying strong to your beliefs and keeping your moral compass pointing to "true north" regardless of external forces.

Without a targeted plan and the support you need to implement it, it can feel like an uphill struggle to make the change and actually STICK to it.

This is self evident from the large amount of people who unfortunately can't effortlessly stay vegan for life... Because they don't yet know the things I share in this book. The things that took me over a decade to accumulate that you can download now for less than the price of one restaurant meal...

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✓ Be totally committed to veganism, without a single doubt it is the right choice for you. 🕺

✓ To know that you’ll never have cravings for non-vegan food again because there are countless healthy vegan versions of everything. 🍰

✓ Know that you are saving so many animals from torture, exploitation and slaughter. 🐣

✓ Have more energy, great skin and a slim, sexy, well functioning body. 💃

✓ To know you’re preventing so many illnesses that are driving the leading causes of death. 🙅‍♀️

✓ That you are doing your part to help prevent damage to the environment and helping to save our planet for future generations to enjoy. 🌏

✓ Feel confident you can answer back to anyone who tries to talk you out of being vegan. 🗣

✓ Confidently and effectively influence others to become vegan too. 🤗
Veganism is a truly powerful life choice that has real, measurable benefits not only in your own life, but for the planet and all of its inhabitants too.

But of course, that’s only if you actually do it.

Get your copy now!

What People Are Saying

"It's an inspiring read and one I'm sure I'll be coming back to again and again.

"I came across Irreversibly Vegan just as I was starting to make the transition. I still had many unanswered questions so this book became an amazing resource for the science behind why veganism is such an important pursuit, now more than ever as we face some pretty real and serious consequences from the environmental damage being caused by the animal agriculture industry. From other sources I have read it had also became so clear to me that following a vegan diet was the best decision to make in the face of many of my health challenges and the references in this book backed up that decision even further."

Sarah - England
Sarah McNamara Testimonial
"This book is for sure a must read, not only for aspiring vegans or vegetarians, but meat eaters as well.

"I knew about veganism for a while but only on a surface level. I didn't see it as a lifestyle I'd be able to maintain. Recently I was told by my doctor my cholesterol levels are dangerously high. I told my friend about it. He immediately told me to go vegan and also recommended I read "Irreversibly Vegan". The book not only crushed my older assumption of not being able to make the switch but has also opened my eyes to the bigger picture, which not only makes it easier being a vegan but also quite motivating."

Luke - WA, Australia
Luke Gannon Testimonial


How To Get All The Nutrients Your Body Needs for only $3 a Day
Learn how to easily get all the nutrients you need to live a long and healthy life from a vegan diet without tracking calories or nutrients.

The shockingly simple truth about the real long-term solution to optimal health and why it has been kept so quiet.

How to overcome cravings and unhealthy snacks with a nutrient-rich plant foods.

How to build a better relationship with your body and learn to trust its signals.

All you need to know about B12 and other nutrients of importance.
How To Comfortably Eat Out at Any Restaurant
Realise that you have a larger choice of where (or where not) to eat than you think.

Discover which types of cuisine are best catered to vegans and what ingredients to watch out for.

How to order and successfully communicate your dietary specifics anywhere in the world.

The best apps to help you stay vegan at home and while travelling.

How to stand strong in public and avoid cultivating doubt in your own mind under social pressure.
How To Shop at Supermarkets Anywhere In the World
How to sort through the trash on the shelves for the right foods that are nutrient rich and cruelty free.

How to find the best bargains for a diet of healthy vegan foods when you’re going vegan on a budget.

How to read labels for what they really mean.

How anyone who works can afford to live as a healthy vegan anywhere in the world.

The best tried and tested smart-phone apps to assist you with this.
The Most Effective Way to Raise Awareness and Help Change the World, Piece by Piece
How not to communicate details, and why this is as important as knowing what to communicate.

How to show, not tell and get through to people with minimum friction.

How and when to communicate the ethical argument in a way anyone can understand - and no one can reasonably refute.

How and why getting blood tests can be wonderful at proving of the effectiveness of vegan nutrition to others.

Learn why effective communication is an important part of being vegan for yourself, for others and for the animals.
Vegan FAQs and The Perfect Responses
Effective replies to all the common questions that’ll get people agreeing with veganism whether they practice it or not.

Learn the common flaws in logic that lead meat-eaters to defend their un-ethical lifestyles and why this knowledge is important.

How to shut your friends up for good with irrefutable arguments that can not be reasonably denied.

Navigate the large cultural prejudices towards a vegan lifestyle with ease.
Exhaustive Recommended References
Nothing is left out and I made sure this book will not leave you wanting more by including this chapter.

Easily immerse yourself in all aspects of veganism with these hand selected top books, films and mouth-watering recipes + reviews and more.

Or course, every nutrition and environmental claim is backed by referenced peer reviewed literature from the most respectable journals and publications.

A little about me...

My name’s Benjamin McCormick and, believe it or not, I was once eating a diet consisting of at least 80% meat, cheese and eggs - I never liked vegetables and rarely ate fruit. I wore my leather jacket everywhere and I loved going on dates to the zoo.

I was about as heavy a carnivore as they come, and I thought I liked it, just like I said I loved animals, like everyone does, but my actions were not in alignment with this truth.

I thought vegans were an unusual group of people that I never understood. Yet I always had an open mind, so as I learnt more about the benefits of being vegan - and how much simple, logical sense it made - I began to see through my cultural conditioning and became ever more intrigued...

The more I learned about it, the more I thought it stupider and stupider not act on this information.

When I first started transitioning away from a heavily carnivorous diet, I was doing it for the animals.

I was exposed to how unnecessarily cruel the entire meat, dairy and egg industries are, and I made a conscious decision to no longer be a part of it. I was being vegan for the animals whose rights are so violently being taken away from them.

But as I continued my passionate research I discovered there are so many more equally as important reasons to go vegan.

Now I am vegan out of respect for all the life forms on this planet, out of respect for my body, and out of respect for the earth we all share.

It's my understanding that every day we impact the world around us, which means that we all, every day - whether we realise it or not - are shaping the future world we will live in.

So we must use our time wisely to proactively shape it for the better.

The simple decision of what to eat each day has such a huge impact on our own bodies, minds and on the lives of all other living beings we share this planet with.

It also carries with it the capacity to hurt something far more vital than any one living thing… it can damage the very life form itself that we all depend on… our planet.

If you're even somewhat serious about maintaining the liveability of our planet… and if you have children or plan on having them, you absolutely should be… then the simplest thing you can do to help is to stop supporting the industries that are destroying it.

Makes sense, right?

That is why it is so important that we not only go vegan now, but do it right.

Do it in a way that makes it irreversible.

So we don't miss out an important detail that will leave us with a "bad taste in our mouth" and thinking that "veganism is not for me," when really you just jumped head-first into something without enough knowledge of what you're getting yourself into.

This book makes sure that this never happens again.

Since I made the shift to veganism I have never looked back.

I feel healthier
I look healthier
My blood test proves I am healthier
I lost a dramatic amount of excess body weight - without doing any extra exercise
I have more energy - so I actually want to exercise every day
I have clearer skin
I have nice hair
I have a more fulfilling sex life
I enjoy greater peace of mind from living in alignment with my values of peace and compassion
And to top it all off, I have a renewed passion for food - which to me was one of the most surprising effect of being vegan.
Giving up a habit that you’ve been doing at least 3 times a day for your entire life can seem hard in the beginning, there’s no doubt about it.

Especially as man. In our culture there is an association of masculinity with consuming meat, so getting over that was a big step. It can feel like, by giving up meat, you’re giving up a piece of your identity, which is understandably hard for anyone.

I decided to study the methods of those who have succeeded before me, both men and women, and after modelling their successful behaviours my vegan-life got a whole lot smoother.

The actions I took are thoroughly explained in the book so that anyone can adopt them, because the truth is they are not specific to or only relevant to any one person, or even any one type of person.

Learning about all of the important topics in this book allows our cultural conditioning to be replaced with a more fair and honest set of principles – based on scientific research and our own universally accepted moral codes - while the practice of one of the three ways I recommend transitioning allows you to experience a whole load of wonderful physical and mental health benefits at the same time.

The contentedness and peace of mind from living in alignment with your values is a powerful side effect to going vegan.

I wanted to make sure others who might be having difficulty could take the same short cut I took to going vegan quickly, painlessly and permanently through these extremely useful and simple strategies.

I used my 12 year long history of learning from the worlds leading motivation and personal development mentors and watching seminars on everything from psychology to nutrition to social dynamics in order to make big changes in business and my personal life, and then realised so many of these same strategies apply to transitioning to a vegan lifestyle.

I wanted to make it as straightforward as possible by giving you everything you need to know to make an informed decision about how to live as a healthy vegan in a world that really doesn't anyone to be vegan.

There are no video courses or sequels to this book. I have included everything you need to know about how to do this right.
Join the thousands of other vegans in this powerful social justice movement to help protect the rights of the innocent, voiceless victims of the world...

And save the only planet we have from further destruction so that our children can survive in a world worth living in...

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As I said at the top of this page, 10% of the net proceeds from this book go directly to an animal charity, specifically The Humane League.

I support The Humane League because they are effective. Dollar for dollar, their work saves more animals lives than just about any other charity as confirmed by "Animal Charity" where they are a top recommendation for 2018 - and have been since 2012.

So consider your small purchase of this book not only an investment in your self, but a small contribution to an established, effective, very-vegan-friendly charity as well.
The Humane League

What People Are Saying

"I am not sure if I will succeed but I wouldn’t have even made the decision if I hadn’t found this book.

"I have been considering becoming vegan for almost two years now, but never found it possible. I never liked the idea that animals had to suffer for me to live, but I couldn’t get it to fit into my life so I never acted on those feelings. I asked several vegan friends of mine about the nutritional aspects, but all I got was a heap of rhetoric about how it is natural and that I had to do it because it was my responsibility. These conversations showed me my friends were ill informed about nutrition. This left a bad taste for me and I put the idea to the back of my mind.

After reading this book that all changed. I got actual factual evidence that backed up my feelings and my concerns were addressed. Not only that, the author spoke about his journey and how he slowly transitioned explaining the steps he took day by day. I had never thought of it this way and his method of slowly transitioning make it an actual possibility for me. I have decided 2017 is my year, the year that I give this a go, I am not sure if I will succeed but I wouldn’t have even made the decision if I hadn’t found this book."

Nicolas - QLD, Australia
Nicolas Muir Testimonial
"A valuable collection of the most important information on the topic for sure.

"I was a long time vegetarian before I met Benjamin but he influenced me to go fully vegan and showed me how easy it is.

Then he sent me Irreversibly Vegan and I think every single person could become a healthy (and socially accepted) vegan with this! It is definitely a must read for vegetarians and especially carnivores."

Lea - Germany
Lea Neumann Testimonial

If you’re anything like I was and know that becoming vegan is the best decision to make, yet have trouble actually implementing those changes so that they effortlessly stick, then what I share in this book will change your life forever.

I can’t wait to see you make progress on your vegan journey, and I wish you nothing but a long and healthy cruelty-free life.

Peace, Love & Plants


- Benjamin