We are two Australian vegans who travel the world working from our laptops.

We value freedom more than just about anything else.

Freedom for ourselves, and freedom for everyone else.

Especially those who can't speak up for themselves.
To raise awareness of the culturally-conditioned belief in speciesism and to help the most people make a permanent shift to healthy, sustainable, ethical veganism in the most effective way possible.

We are dedicated to producing articles, surveys, guides and simple products of the highest quality to achieve this goal.

If we can continue as healthy vegans while travelling the world on our very modest budgets - then anyone can.
10% to Charity
Sales of our products (at the moment there's only one) not only help you, but they help the animals as well.

10% of everything we make goes directly to our favourite vegan-friendly charity: The Humane League.
The Humane League
We support The Humane League because they are so effective at saving animals lives. 

Dollar for dollar they save more lives than just about any other animal charity around today.

Their range of life saving work comes from their strong commitment to use studies and systematic data collection to guide their approach to evidence driven advocacy. 

You can read more about The Humane League on their website or over at Animal Charity Evaluators, which if you haven't heard, evaluate animal charities all over the world every year based on their scope and effectiveness. The Humane League have been one of their top charities since 2012.
Who We Are
Benjamin McCormick

I grew up in Perth, Australia and spent the first 25 years of my life getting at least 90% of my calories from either meat, cheese, milk, or some heavily processed, highly sugary food-like product.

It was three years after I first watched Earthlings that I went vegan. I vividly remember sitting in the park one warm winter evening as I finished the last pages of The China Study and I knew that I would never eat animal products again. And I never have. Those three years that I spent living out of alignment with some of my strongest, newly realised core values were full of internal conflict. But as anyone who's shifted their behaviour to match their values will know, once going through the temporary discomfort that's necessary to achieve it, the end result is invaluable.

As much as I value peace, compassion and understanding - without species discrimination - I also value my personal freedom, and I've never felt more free than while travelling. To me the worst part of going travelling is the week or so before you return, when you can see your money is running out and you get that sinking feeling in your stomach because you know you'll have to return home and submit once again to the monotonous routine of the 9 to 5 working week.

After hanging out more and more with Hish and figuring out our values were so aligned, we decided to create Vomad and do our part to make the world a better place. Or at least try. And thankfully, as my work now requires only a laptop and an internet connection, I am fortunate enough to be in a position to also travel indefinitely. So now the journey does not need to end. Ever.

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Hesham Mahdi

I was born and raised in the small island of Bahrain, but have lived in Perth, Australia since 2004, which I have called home since I came here.

Before going vegan, I’ve always been passionate and interested in human rights and equality. When I was introduced to veganism, my views of myself as a person who is opposed to any from of injustice and inequality were challenged. But after doing relentless open-minded research into it, analyzing every argument for and against it, and using my common sense and logic, I went vegan to do my part for the planet, it’s earthlings and my own health. And to my surprise that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I am healthier than ever, more content with myself and enjoy food more than ever.

To live the Vomad life, I have decided to pause my law career so I can build something that will allow me to have more time and freedom to create the things that I am passionate about. Something that will allow me to do what I love the most which includes creating awesome products, helping others, constantly traveling around the world and becoming an independent human rights law researcher/writer in my own time.

To make this happen, Ben and I came together and combined our skills and the things that we are both passionate about: veganism, complete freedom and travelling, into making Vomad - A website dedicated to sharing our journey and educating others about veganism through our blog as well as creating cool simple quality products to help spread veganism and help others easily transition into this awesome vegan lifestyle.

My strong belief that we should always use our own judgments and thoughts instead of being influenced by and or conforming to society’s standards and conditioning has led me to become a vegan nomad.